Lincoln Series 50 Changer

Pictures, Video & Text courtesy of Carsten Fischer


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Produced by the Lincoln Engineering Co. in St. Louis, Missouri. These famous turn-over changers, including the LP-only Series 60 Fisher-Lincoln changer, were produced from 1949 to 1965.

In the mid 50s, the Lincoln changer was often used as a replacement for a Capehart turn-over changer, and Lincoln produced a special model, the 51 and 51M changer to fit into a Capehart cabinet. This provided the Capehart owner with a quick (but expensive) possibility to upgrade the Capehart to 33 rpm and 45 rpm microgroove record capability.

Changers for commercial use (double capacity vacuum reservoir) were offered as well.

This unique machine had a couple of appealing features: 3 speed design for 78, 45 and 33 rpm records. Ability to play both sides of the record. A true intermix changer - any size record will be played correctly. The large size of the magazine allows to play a large number of records - 20 or more - on both sides without interruption. That equals up to 3 hrs playing time for 12" 78 rpm, or a staggering 16 hrs for LPs !

This is accomplished by the use of a vacuum pump which powers all movements of the turntable, transfer arm and tone arm. It also holds the record on a suction cup in upside-down position for the B-side playing. The changer is able to play LPs for up to 30 minutes with no loss of vacuum suction. The vacuum pump only operates during the change cycle to refill a reservoir.

Some vital statistics:

- operating vacuum 15 inches mercury
- 7 vacuum pistons
- 2 suction cups
- 3 electric motors
- 1 vacuum pump
- a cam manifold with 7 cams and 7 independent valves, 2 of which also double as electric switches.
- 2 big idler wheels
- speed selection: 78, 45, 33 rpm and a neutral gear
- 1 gravity powered check valve.
- 1 pneumatically actuated pneumatic - electric relay
- 2 pneumatic electric switches

This example may be the only Lincoln changer currently working to manufacturer's specifications. A recent restoration project of mine.

If you want to get in touch with me, or are interested in a quality reproduction of the 1952 Lincoln Series 50 Changer Service manual (141 pages, 21 diagrams, 3 fold out double sided diagrams), please send me an e-mail at:

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