The 1946 Capehart-Steinways

As documented by Gerald Schneider in the ARC Magazine, there is a fascinating small run of post-war Capehart 400s with cabinets designed by the Steinway & Sons piano manufacturer:

In 1946, Capehart had an impasse in their production of regular stock cabinets, so Steinway offered to Capehart the design and manufacture a small run of cabinets for the flagship 406N Deluxe Capehart.

The stark modernist design in black piano lacquer was done by Steinway's famous custom art case designer Eugene Ayuso. Steinway produced about 50 of these cabinets at a shocking cost of $ 400, shocking that is for Capehart, because a standard 406N would retail for about $ 1525 (minus 30% dealer margin).

Capehart soon got the necessary manufacturing capabilities up and running, and no longer had to rely on this expensive proposition.

The cabinet shown below is the only one of the Steinway Capeharts with a Japanese/ Chinese decorated finish. All others are in simple, high gloss black piano lacquer.



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