We have acquired over a thousand pages of documentation about the Philco "Apple" Receiver project. The "Apple" television receiver was an attempt at making a color CRT using color stripes instead of the normal color triad used in the contemporary CRT's.  Philco worked on this project for over 10 years before throwing in the towel due mainly to the cost ($15M) to tool up for production; Ford was purchasing  Philco and they had no interest in spending any additional monies on the project. There were twelve prototype receivers built, but all information points to the fact that all were destroyed after being evaluated.

This information was acquired from a retired Philco engineer who worked there during the early 50's. Thanks to Dave Abramson for making sure that these papers did not end up in a landfill, lost forever. I plan on scanning these papers as my time permits and making them available on this site in PDF format.

I have received some new history on the Apple sets from a retired Philco engineer who designed the last version of the tube used in the "Advanced Apple" design. I hope to be able to post this late information in a couple of months.

One thing I did learn is that the "Apple" didn't completely die at Philco, one of the engineers acquired the rights to the system and tried to continue the set into the early 70's. The system was renamed "Uniray", an article was published in the February 1972 issue of Popular Science. Steve McVoy has posted the article on the ETF site at:



Philco Apple Receiver Documentation Bibliography


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                                                        AND WHITE BALANCE,  March 21, 1955

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                                                        CALCULATIONS,  May 12, 1955

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Schematics:      1958 to 1960


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Schematic:       Cohered Oscillator (COHO); hand drawn, not dated